Television Options Available To Spanish Speaking People in The USA

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the United States of America. This, of course, comes as the result of the large Hispanic population in the States, which can be attributed to immigration and population growth. With the change in demographics and with Spanish being spoken by many natives as well, Spanish television has become more widespread and popular. In fact, Spanish language networks have at times even beaten their American counterparts in the ratings. Given these statistics, it is easy to gauge that there are many options available to Spanish speaking people, when it comes to television.


It is one of the biggest and most watched Spanish language network in the United States. What started with Spanish International Network has evolved into Univision. The popular programming on the network comprises of drama series, including telenovelas, reality television, variety shows, sports, news and even Spanish movies. Most of the programs broadcasted by Univision are produced by the co-owner, Televisa. One of the oldest and most popular variety program on the network, Sabado Gigante, has been on air since 1986. Other entertainment shows include Tu Desayuno Alegre, showcasing music videos, El Gordo y La Flaca, and so on. The news related shows include Noticiero Univision, Al Punto, Primer Impacto and the sports show called Republica Deportiva among others. Headquartered in New York, the network has the highest viewership among Spanish language channels in the world.


Owned by NBC Universal, Telemundo is one of the other popular American-Spanish network. The programming of the channel as usual has a lot of drama series, news, sports and the usual mix. Telemundo does have a lot of telenovelas and other shows, which have been produced by the network with only a few being outside productions. It also has a decent number of reality shows like Caso Cerrado that make up its weekday programming along with the drama series. There is a separate news and sports division of the network called the Noticiero Telemundo and NBC Deportes respectively. These divisions produce flagship programs and broadcast matches. The network also showcases dubbed kids’ program called Mi Telemundo in the morning slot. Telemundo has a well- rounded bouquet of programs that it offers with something for everyone.


The Azteca International cooperation that owns this network has three major networks in Mexico. Most of the programming for Azteca comes from the thousands of hours of original content sourced from these networks. It has the whole set up, typical of any Spanish language network with its telenovelas, variety shows, news, some reality programs and so on. It also features an interesting talk show, Cosas de la Vida, a music based competition called La Academia, and so on. There are also a lot of movies that air, mainly on the weekends. These include both Spanish feature films as well as Spanish-dubbed English movies.


The owner of MundoMax, RCN Networks, used to be the biggest producer of Spanish-language shows for most Spanish networks in the USA. However, the company no longer does that, given that its own network is now in the same market. There are a lot of drama series that air on the network, many of which are action oriented. It also broadcasts a variety of children’s programs that are produced with National Geographic Kids. The network has some game shows on air like 100 Latinos Dijeron, lifestyle shows and broadcasts many movies on the weekends. Most of the early morning and late night slots are filled with infomercials.

Estrella TV

Most of the programs broadcasted on Estrella TV are produced by the mother company, Liberman Broadcasting. They have the regular variety shows including Estudio 2, many comedy series like Fabrica de la Risa, reality shows such as Mucho Talento and so on. There are also movies that are aired on weekdays and weekends on the network with filler infomercials during odd hours.